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Reducing valve manifolds

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Reducing valve manifolds

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Reducing valve manifolds

YZ11X the manifold pressure reducing valve is mainly used for all kinds of building water supply systems, heating systems, fire systems, central air-conditioning systems. YZ11X manifolds for the manifold pressure reducing valve, allows a more balanced distribution of water pressure, prevent some water overpressure, optimize high-rise building water supply district. YZ11X branch tube valve can replace the partition FM gear pumps, fire water supply system in the district can replace the water pump for domestic water supply system, which can protect all water taps and other appliances.

YZ11X branch tube valve works: the manifold pressure relief valve outlet valve in the bottom surface and the bottom surface of the diaphragm, and when it exceeds the spring setting, compression spring, so that the valve is closed. As long as the downstream flow of dry, outlet pressure will remain basically the set value (the variation of only 8% of the inlet pressure variation); when the downstream water pressure drop in exports, pushing the diaphragm spring, open valve. After the continuous flow of water for a while, since the valve opening generate damping effect, to open and close the action stabilized. Fourth, the manifold valve possible causes frost damage, should pay attention to insulation in cold areas. Install the wrong direction of flow, check valve becomes the outlet pressure to zero. Spring overtighten, can not be closed, the relief valve will straight P2 = P1. Bypass pipe leaking, so P2 from the set value, given the pressure reducing valve manifolds YZ11X superior reliability and durability, it is recommended not to install the appropriate brightness through the tube.

YZ11X branch tube valve product features:

①YZ11X branch pipe type valve direct acting membrane structure, the internal structure is very simple, no jamming, reliable performance and durability. Dirt waterproof scale, without the filter, without bypass pipe, the pipe is extremely simple and can save a lot of space and piping costs.

② precision adjustable outlet pressure, in general cases, can be considered unaffected outlet pressure inlet pressure (outlet pressure variation was 8% △ P1's).

③ excellent hydraulic characteristics, low pressure loss, pressure ratio can reach 10: 1 or more. YZ11X the manifold pressure reducing valve can meet a variety of requirements, especially for the manifold vacuum systems.

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