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Stainless steel bellows valve

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Stainless steel bellows valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Stainless steel bellows valve

One, Y44H bellows valve Product Overview:

Y44H bellows valve mainly by the bellows, adjustment spring, valve seats, valve and other parts, the direct effect of the use of bellows valve bellows valve pressure actuated valve sensor, change and control valve opening to achieve reduction Pressure regulator function. By adjusting the set outlet pressure adjustment screw.

Two, Y44H bellows valve uses:

Y44H bellows valve for steam at temperatures below 200 ℃, the air, water, non-corrosive media pipeline, so to maintain a constant pressure by the media body to adapt to the work requirements. Valve before the inlet pressure P1 by 1.0-0.1MPa, after the valve outlet pressure P2 is 0.4-0.05MPa, pressure valve before and after the valve is not more than 0.6MPa, should not be less than 0.05MPa.

Three, Y44H bellows valve working principle and structure description:

1, the valve before the import medium pressure valve and valve seals from open space into the cavity so that the media pressure flow combination box full bellows, bellows and spring due to media pressure extrusion and compression, valve stem with displacement of the valve body produce seals off, cut-off valve before the media, not to supplement the valve media pressure. When the medium pressure reducing valve after the bellows due to the force of the spring term adjustment path, the bellows moiré distortion, the valve stem to open the top. The media after the body by reducing the pressure valve seals supplement.

2, bellows valve is covered by body, valve, valve, valve seals, valve stem, bellows, adjustment spring and other parts, body cavity valve assembly of imported, valve seals and auxiliary spring, auxiliary spring is to keep the valve and valve seals automatically sealed, export body cavity assembly elastic sealing elements (bellows) that guarantee against leaks and pressure compensation unevenness after media pressure valve. Screw is the adjusting spring load pressure reducing valve performance.

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