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Wafer valve with handle

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Wafer valve with handle

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Wafer valve with handle

A47H-16C with a handle on the clip-on safety valve introduced:

A47H inching valve with a wrench spring valve is suitable for operating temperatures ≤350 ℃ equipment or piping steam, air and other media. As overpressure protection device.

A47H-16C with a handle wafer type valve Applications: ≤350 ℃ operating temperature suitable for steam, air and other media

A47H-16C with a handle on the clip-on valve standards:

Structural length standard: GB / T 12221-2005

Flange standard: GB / T 9113

Pressure and temperature rating: GB / T 12224-2005

Test test standard: GB / T 13927-2008

Parts and materials and conditions:

NO Part Name Material

1 Body WCB

2 seat ZG2Cr13

3 adjustment ring ZG2Cr13

4 valve 2Cr13

5 guide sleeve 2Cr13

6 bonnet ZG230-450

7 spring 50CrVA

8 stem 2Cr13

9 wrench ZG200-400

Adjustment screw 10 45

11 guard ZG200-400

12 sealing surface material "H" surfacing D507, "Y" Surfacing Co-based alloy

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