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Spring piston valve

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Spring piston valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Spring piston valve

Type: Y42X

Caliber: DN15-500 Pressure: 0.1-16Mpa

Connection: threaded, flanged

Structure: Pilot Piston

Seal structure: soft seal, hard seal

Optional Drive: Automatic

Optional materials: cast iron, cast steel, brass, stainless steel

Drive: Optional automatic

Connection: optional threaded, flanged

Structure: the choice of pilot piston

Seal structure: You can use soft seal and hard seal

Pressure range PN0.1-16Mpa, nominal diameter DN15-500mm

Because the valve range is very broad, with a valve on different occasions and with different conditions

Spring piston valve mainly by regulating spring, diaphragm, piston, valve seats, valve and other parts. Downstream pressure sensing diaphragm use direct drive valve, control valve opening of the complete vacuum regulator function.

Piston valve spring in city buildings, high-rise buildings in hot and cold water systems, can replace conventional zoning pipes, saving equipment.

Also available in the usual hot and cold water distribution network, from the vacuum regulator role.

Spring piston valve regulator, the regulator steady action for piping water and non-corrosive liquid medium.

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