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Convex welded flange

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Convex welded flange

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Convex welded flange

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Features: corrosion resistance, aging resistance, pressure

Welded flange claim convex joint surface of the two flanges of the sealing surface is convex. Depending on the installation method can be divided into convex and convex planar flange welded flange. According to the process can be divided into casting and forging convex convex welded flange welded flange. According to the different materials can be divided into convex welded carbon steel flanges, stainless steel convex welded flange, welded flange steel convex. Convex welded steel pipe flange performance standards GB9115,6 ~ 9115,13--88 convex flange welded flange has a simple structure, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, stress, tensile strength, non-polluting long life, easy installation and so on. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing, paper, medical, construction of water supply, heating, gas supply systems and medical gas delivery system works.

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