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Blind flange

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Blind flange

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Blind flange

A gasket is capable of plastic deformation, and has a certain strength of the ring material. Most non-metallic gaskets are cut from the plate down, or by a professional production factory predetermined size, the material is asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos, PTFE sheet, polyethylene sheet, etc; also useful for sheet metal (tin, stainless steel) will wrap up non-metallic materials such as asbestos gaskets made of metal package; also spiral wound gasket with a thin strip along the winding made of asbestos. Common rubber gasket suitable for temperatures lower than the case of 120 ℃; rubber gaskets suitable for steam temperature below 450 ℃, the temperature of the oil is below 350 ℃, a pressure less than 5MPa occasions, for general corrosion medium, most commonly used is the acid asbestos board.

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