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Muffler check valve micro Slow Close

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Muffler check valve micro Slow Close

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Muffler check valve micro Slow Close

Product Type: HDH49X-16

Features: good sealing ability, wear resistance, long life

HDH49X muffler micro Slow Close Check Valve Overview:

HDH48X, HDH49X muffler micro Slow closing valve is mainly used for water purification, the source of water, sewage, sea water and other media, drainage track, produced at the pump installed to cut off media reflux eliminate bad of atomic energy water hammer, protection and road, the safe operation of the pump.

Its main features are:

1, the body is small, light weight, only about one-third the length of the structure of the swing check valve.

2, slow down the system performance, unaffected by the media in the pipeline, the first quick-closing valve after the slow closing to prevent broken ring of water hammer.

3, soft rubber seal closure performance, wear resistance, long service life.

4, rubber cushion, smooth opening and closing, no vibration, no noise.

5, than the old valve flow resistance is small, there are significant energy savings.

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