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Micro Slow Close Check Valve

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Micro Slow Close Check Valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Micro Slow Close Check Valve

Product Type: HH44X

Features: long life, smooth operation, no vibration, no noise

HH44X micro Slow Close Check Valve Application and features:

HH44X micro Slow Close valve for water supply and drainage, installed a pump outlet to prevent backflow and eliminating medium broken ring of water hammer, and can effectively reduce water hammer pressure valve is closed, the official website can guarantee safe operation, it has a light valve, the opening of a large, energy-saving effect is remarkable, fluid resistance, eliminate water hammer mechanism design innovative, reliable sealing performance, wear resistance, long life, smooth running, no vibration, no noise.

HH44X micro Slow Close slow closing check valve to reduce water hammer performance:

1. When the water medium back, after the first quick closing valve slow closing, slow closing time can be adjusted within seconds 0`60

2. When the pipeline medium back into the water hammer can be adjusted peak water produced more than 1.5 times the working pressure.

3. When the media back, can be adjusted to reverse the pump motor speed does not exceed 1.3 times the rated speed.

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