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Multifunctional pump control valve

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Multifunctional pump control valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Multifunctional pump control valve

JD745X multifunctional pump control valve diaphragm Product Overview:

Diaphragm type multifunctional pump control valve is installed in the pump outlet high-rise building water supply systems and other water supply system to prevent the media back, water hammer and water hammer phenomenon of intelligent valve. This valve combines electric valve, check valve and water hammer eliminator three functions, which can effectively improve the safety and reliability of the water supply system. And the slow opening, fast closing, slow closing to eliminate water hammer principle of integration of technology to prevent water hammer and pump Water hammer generation. Just open and close button on the pump motor operation, the valve to open and close automatically in accordance with the rules pumps, flow, pressure loss, diaphragm valves suitable for 600 caliber or less.

JD745X diaphragm type multifunctional pump control valve structural features:

   JD745X diaphragm type multifunctional pump control valve from the main valve and the valve and take over the system components, the use of DC-type valve body, the main valve control room for the diaphragm or piston dual control room structure, control room than the average hydraulic control Valve adds an increase of the main valve control functions, the realization of the export pumps slowly open, full, slow closing, closing and other multi-function control, to achieve a valve, a regulator on the pump outlet multifunction control.

    Multifunctional pump control valve products over the system uses the opening of valve control by setting the control valve can be easily controlled to achieve the required parameters, such as the speed of the main valve to open, slow closing speed and so on.

JD745X multifunctional pump control valve diaphragm works:

    When the pump is started, the water pressure acting on the main valve disc and the control room below the lower chamber, the pressure of the main valve is open, water control room on the chamber slowly discharged through the outlet valve B-side, slowly open the main valve . Regulating valve opening degree of valve opening speed available suitable landlord.

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