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Remote control float valve

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Remote control float valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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100X remote control float valve

Structural characteristics and uses

   100X remote control float valve from the main valve, needle valve, ball valve, ball valve, micro filters and other hydraulic control over the system, after it is set, the automatic liquid level control.

       This product is the direct use of liquid level control, no other devices and energy, maintenance is simple, accurate and high level control, from pressure effects, reliable sealing.

       This series of products are widely used in liquid level control valve rise buildings, living areas and other water supply system of towers, pools and other facilities.

Pressure rating: PN10 ﹑ ﹑ PN25 PN16

Diaphragm: DN20 ~ 450

Piston: DN350 ~ 800


When the pipe from the inlet end of the water supply, because of the needle valve, ball valve, ball valve is normally open water through micro-filters, needle, control room, ball float valve into the pool, then do not put pressure on the control room, the master valve is open, the water tower (pool) water.

When the rise towers (pool) of water to the set height, float float float valve closed, the control room of water pressure, push the main valve is closed, the water supply stops. When the water drop, re-open the float valve, control room pressure drop, the main water supply valve is turned on again to continue to maintain the level of the set height.

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