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Worm hard seal fixed ball

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Worm hard seal fixed ball

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Worm hard seal fixed ball

Product Type: Q347H-16C

Just use stainless steel ball is rotated 90 degrees operation and a small torque can be closed tightly. The body cavity of full equality for the media provided little resistance, through the flow channel. The main features of valve is its own compact, easy operation and maintenance, stainless steel ball valve can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metals and radioactive fluids and other types of media. Ball valve can be integral, or may be modular. This type valve in the pipe should generally be installed horizontally. Stainless steel ball valve Category: stainless steel pneumatic valve, stainless steel electric ball valves, stainless steel ball valve manually. Stainless steel ball valve material is divided into 304,316,321.

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