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American Standard metal seal valve

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American Standard metal seal valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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American Standard metal seal valve

Product Type: Q41H


Diameter: DN15-300

Pressure: 0.6 ~ 6.4Mpa

Material: steel, stainless steel, alloy steel.

    (1) must first identify the valve on the downstream pipeline indeed dismounted after pressure to break down the demolition operation.

(2) non-metallic parts should be cleaned immediately after removal from the cleaning agent, not a long soak.

(3) When the mounting bolts on the flange must be symmetrical, gradually and evenly tightened.

(4) cleaning agent should be compatible with the ball in the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and the working medium (such as gas) and others. Working medium for the gas, available gasoline (GB484-89) to clean metal parts. Non-metallic parts cleaning with pure water or alcohol.

(5) decomposition down every single ball valve parts can be cleaned by immersion mode. Not yet left down decomposition of non-metallic parts of the metal parts can be impregnated with fine clean clean cleaning agent has silk (in order to avoid loss of fiber adhesion on the part) scrub. Shall remove all adhering to the wall surface of the grease, dirt, rubber, dust and so on.

(6) Ball decompose and must be carefully sealed to prevent surface damage when re-assembling the parts, especially the non-metallic parts, remove the O-ring should use special tools.

(7) After cleaning the wall needed to be to be washed after volatile cleaning agent (not soaked cleaning agent available silk rub) for assembly, but not for a long time on hold, otherwise it will rust, dust pollution.

(8) new parts before assembly also need clean water.

(9) with grease lubrication. Grease should be compatible with the ball are metal, rubber parts, plastic parts and the working medium. Working medium for the gas, can be used such as 221 special grease. Coated on the surface of the seal mounting groove of a thin layer of grease, coated with a thin layer of grease on the rubber seals, valve stem sealing surface and the friction surface coated with a thin layer of grease.

(10) the assembly should not allow metal debris, fibers, oils (except the requirement to use) dust and other impurities, foreign matter contamination, or remain adhered on the surface of the part or into the cavity.

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