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American Standard Stainless Steel Ball

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American Standard Stainless Steel Ball

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American Standard Stainless Steel Ball

American Standard ball Q41F- LB

American Standard ball in the exploitation of oil, gas, coal and ore, refining, processing and pipeline systems; in chemical products, pharmaceutical and food production; in hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power production system; in urban and industrial enterprises plumbing, heating, and air supply systems; in farmland irrigation and drainage systems; and to be widely used in metallurgy production system is a production construction, national defense and people's lives are important mechanical products. Valve closed piping system in various types of seed for cut off or connected media streaming, the media in accordance with a predetermined program delivery to each designated point.

Relevant parameters

Model: Q41F-Lb

Specifications: DN15-DN300

Related tags:Mineclampfittings

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