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Two-way stretch soft sealing butterfly valve

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Two-way stretch soft sealing butterfly valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Two-way stretch soft sealing butterfly valve

Product Type: SD343X-10Q


    a, design and manufacture of GB12238-89 "universal valve flange and wafer butterfly."

    b, flange size:

         PN = 1.0MPa by JB / T82.1-94 (ie, the original standard JB82-59) "convex welded steel pipe flange" provides

         PN = 1.6MPa by GB9113.3-88 "convex Integral steel pipe flanges" provides

    c, structural length GB12221-89 "metal valve flange length of the structure."

    d, inspection and testing GB / T13927-92 "universal valve pressure test"

Telescopic butterfly selection and precautions:

Telescopic butterfly which is characterized by the use of expansion joints butterfly valve function for easy installation and maintenance. Telescopic butterfly divided into three types:

A, common type: the selection of the design according to the design specifications of expansion joints installed, For plus limit bolts, please specify the design, ordering the contract include full.

B, Fixed Limit type: it can stretch, but the limit, it has to keep its part of the fixed retractable telescopic function. It features multi-function, applies more broadly.

C, lengthened: it is the common type of expansion joint telescopic butterfly extended to the length of the line with the user desired length (not including the amount of stretching), which is characterized in the transformation of the old pipe, the original pipeline valve needs to be updated replacement, without the valve on the pipe connecting portion of the original split lining can be replaced.

Should also be considered when lengthened plus limit the choice of measures, and if the limit, please specify the design, ordering the contract include full.

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