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Sewage composite exhaust valve

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Sewage composite exhaust valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Sewage composite exhaust valve

I. Product Overview

SCAR composite exhaust valve The valve body is barrel-shaped, stainless steel float valve trim including leverage and valve. The valve is installed in the pump outlet or water distribution pipeline, used to exclude accumulated air in the tube, in order to improve the efficiency of pipelines and pumps. Once the tube when the negative pressure is generated, the ambient air suction valve quickly to prevent damage to the pipeline because of the negative pressure. Composite exhaust valve for the highest point of the pipeline or have a breath of place and remove the gas pipe to clear the pipeline, to work, if not installed exhaust valve, the flow of liquid inside the tube to produce dynamic thermal cause gas, a short circuit, so that the water pipeline capacity is insufficient. Secondly, the power outage, the pipeline will pump stops when negative pressure pipeline operation, and can cause vibration or broken pipes, exhaust (suction) valve can be quickly put air into the tube, to prevent vibration or broken pipes.

Second, the principle

When starting the water pipe, the valve is in the open position, extensive venting, when the air is drained, filled with water inside the valve, the float rises and driven valve is closed, stop the exhaust. When the normal water delivery tube, if a small amount of air accumulated in the valve to a considerable extent, the water level dropped valve, when the air is discharged from the hole. When the pump stops, the inner tube or a case of negative pressure air flow, then quickly turned plugs, intake air to ensure pipeline safety.

Note: The exhaust valve in the course of the pressure of not less than 0.02Mpa, such as less than 0.02Mpa, the exhaust valve is prone to leaking. Must be equipped with a valve as an overhaul.

Third, the main technical parameters

1. Nominal pressure: 1.0Mpa

2. Nominal Diameter: DN25 ~ 200mm flange connection

3. Suitable medium: water, sewage

4. Temperature: 0 ~ 80 ℃

5. Flange Standard: GB / T 17241.6

6. Test Standard: GB / T 13927

7. Body: HT200

8. float and flap: 304

9. Seal Material: NBR

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