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Quick exhaust valve

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Quick exhaust valve

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Quick exhaust valve

KP-10-type quick exhaust valve principle:

  When the pipeline in operation stopped at the bottom of the float bowl, make a lot of exhaust air when the inner tube drained, the water rushed into the valve, and then reacted after the float bowl, so that float float closed pipeline during normal operation, such as a small amount of gas will be concentrated into the valve to a considerable extent, quick exhaust valve within the water level drops, the float fall, gas discharged from the hole as the pump stops, ready to produce a negative pressure, float drop at any time, make a lot of suck Gas pipeline to ensure safety.

KP-10-type quick exhaust valve main purposes:

  Quick exhaust valves for industrial media for water pipeline, gas pipeline as quickly troubleshoot equipment to improve efficiency and protect the device without piped water, deformation and fracture, is essential pipeline equipment, drum-shaped valves body type, there are a total internal stainless steel float and plugs. quick exhaust valve installed at the outlet of the pump Po or Songpei water pipeline to exclude a large number of air pipe assembly to promote the efficient use of water pipes and pumps , and once with the negative pressure occurs when the inner tube, the valve can be quickly sucked air, to keep the negative pressure generated by the line is damaged.

KP-10-type quick exhaust valve main features:

1. To exclude the gas pipeline, reduce drag and save energy.

2. When the suction piping quick exhaust valve can be quickly and automatically to prevent the intake air pipe rupture.

3. The exhaust vent holes ability ordinary times.

4. float bracket stainless steel, long life, safe and reliable.

KP-10-type quick exhaust valve technical parameters:

1. Media: water

2. Temperature: room temperature

3. Body: gray cast iron HT200

4. Float and plugs: Stainless steel

5. Seal Material: NBR

6. Body test pressure: 1.5mpa

7. float, seal test pressure: 0.05-1.1MPA watertight

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