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Automatic pipe filter

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Automatic pipe filter

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Automatic pipe filter

 Automatic pipe filters include: housing, cartridge (filter dirt), cleaning mechanism (including cleaning brush, scrub the filter), controller (collect and compare the differential pressure signal, the output control signal), washing motor (accepted control signal, to provide the required power), the electric valve (accept control signal, discharge dirt) cleaning mechanism.

    Intelligent automation efficiency filter its internal structure bristle brush or a stainless steel wire brush and composition of stainless steel mesh and transmission parts. By the drive motor and the electric valve automatically complete cleaning sewage. Operating mode for automatic operation (also manually run), with pressure and timing automatic sewage dual function. Part of its automated using the world's most advanced and reliable PLC programmable controller.

    Automatic pipe filter when the water passes through the filter, the water filter mechanical impurities are intercepted, when the filter surface increases the accumulation of impurities when the pressure reaches 0.04MPa together. Differential pressure switch that sends a signal, while the PLC issued a directive that is, drive motor starts, the drain valve is opened, the deposition of impurities in the filter turned down brush, discharge from the outfall. Scrub the entire process without personnel to operate the sewage, no downtime. Meanwhile, the device also has a timer and manual cleaning sewage cleaning sewage functions, ensure that in any case the water is safe and reliable. So far, YTZ intelligent automation system to achieve a filter to achieve the filtering effect in the case of non-stop to ensure the normal operation of the entire system.

    Automatic pipe filter technology innovation

    1, automatic pipe filter first 316L stainless steel sintered filter, high strength, high accuracy, corrosion resistance, maximum filtration precision of up to 2 microns.

    2, automatic pipe filter uses an internal mechanical structure of the patented technology to achieve a real sense of the high-pressure backwash function, filter backwashing the external pressure combined with internal self-priming sewage can be easily and thoroughly clean the filter impurities trapped cleaning no dead ends, no flux attenuation to protect the filtration efficiency and long life.

    3, filter cleaning pressure differential pressure transmitter signal transmission, to overcome the shortcomings of pressure switch error is larger.

    4, filter transmission device uses a built-in, and flow components sealed isolation, and the design of trip protection to prevent damage to the motor or body parts, stable and reliable.

    5, the filter outfall rely on hydraulic seal without the solenoid valve or other vulnerable seals, simple and practical.

    6, inlet and outlet flange design for the active structure, can be arbitrary rotation adjustment screw for easy field installation.

    7, internal corrosion using a special non-toxic anti-corrosion material, has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray, mildew and other properties.

    8, automatic brush filter electric system with integrated control mode, you can achieve remote control. Efficient filter design features


    1) high efficiency filter automatic operation, without human intervention, operation and maintenance costs low, with a wide range of stand-alone applications, excellent performance and low cost;

    2) filtering capability of the system interference, reliable, convenient and safe, environmental protection, installation, operation;

    3) allows for quick, frequent backwashing operation, while at the backwash process, so that the backwash of energy maximization;

    4) In the backwash process, the individual (s) sequentially backwashing filter; filters to ensure safe, efficient cleaning, while the other filter is unaffected and continues filtration;

    5) automatic backwash, the use of pneumatic drain valve, backwash liquid consumption for less, saving energy.


Automatic pipe filter backwash process:

    1) high efficiency filter through the intermediate shaft drive gear motor wash arm rotation, position switches controlled by flushing arm rotation angle, so that the filter be cleaned and aligned.

    2) drain valve open, so that the pressure difference is formed outside of the cleaning filter (clean side) and between the sewage.

    3) at a pressure difference, the flow from the clean side of the filter to be cleaned flows to the outside of the inner side, backwash contaminants accumulate on the inside of the filter is washed away and discharged through the outfall filter.

    4) Each filter backwash time has been set, when the set time after reaching the backwash drain valve is closed, the end to change the filter backwash process;. Gear motor drive again wash arm rotates to the next (group) filter backwash drain valve open again. so for each (group) filter backwash.

    5) After the completion of all filter cleaning, rinse arm under the control of the zero position switch back to the original location, a backwash cycle.

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