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Imported sewage Knife Gate

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Imported sewage Knife Gate

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Imported sewage knife gate valve Overview:

Imported sewage effluent knife gate valve knife gate valve is the latest developed a new generation of wastewater treatment knife gate valve, compact, light weight, no matter open or closed, there was no change in the high valve, saving installation space, can be used for indoor installation . Sewage knife gate valve is mainly used in sewage treatment. Generally larger caliber. A knife gate valve. Manually.

Imported sewage knife gate valve features:

Low height, light weight, save material.

Small installation space, applicability.

Floating seal, good performance and is environmentally friendly knife-shaped gate

Nominal diameter range: DN40-DN1000

Nominal pressure range: 1.0MPa-1.6MPa

Material: cast iron, ductile iron

Gate Material: 201,304,316,316L

Connection: clip-seat ring: NBR, EPDM

Packing: graphite packing, PTFE packing

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