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Dark board electric knife gate valve

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Dark board electric knife gate valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Dark board electric knife gate valve Overview:

Dark board electric knife gate valve driving part multi-turn electric device for driving and controlling the valve opening and closing, the operator can remotely control valve in the control room, you can also manually operate the site, you can achieve with your computer computer control. Widely used in drainage, heating, power plants, chemical, food, paper, pharmaceutical, mining, mining and other projects to meet the modern industrial and agricultural automation requirements.


Second, the electric knife gate valve plate dark features:

1, open and close rapidly, stable and reliable, high degree of automation.

2, the installation height and location unrestricted.

3, explosion-proof electrical equipment in flammable, toxic gas and even the environment can work properly.

4, with manual, power supply interruption in case you can manually open or close the valve, the effective control of referral


Quality, to prevent accidents.

Third, the electric knife gate valve plate dark electric device parameters:

1, Power: AC380V, 50HZ.

2. Standard: standard products with dust, rain proof enclosure protection, protection class IP65, can be used directly outdoors.

3, Waterproof: Waterproof product has dustproof, immersion (IP67) enclosure rating.

4, explosion-proof (EX): Explosion levels for DII BT4 / DII CT4 (excluding acetylene).

5, the ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

6. Optional: with electrical controls.

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