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Pneumatic knife gate valve

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Pneumatic knife gate valve

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Pneumatic knife gate valve

PZ673X pneumatic knife gate valve

Pneumatic knife gate valve is a more complex automation and control instruments, by a variety of pneumatic components and body composition, and more for applications requiring quick disconnect or turn the occasion.

Pneumatic knife gate valve main structural features:

- Simple and compact structure, reasonable design

- Lightweight materials, sealing, reliable, light and flexible operation, small size

- Channel flow, flow resistance, light weight, easy to install, easy to disassemble

Stickies gate has cut function can scrape the sealing surface -

- Automatically remove debris seal leakage, stainless steel to prevent corrosion caused by gate

Pneumatic knife gate valve performance specifications parameters:

- Nominal pressure: PN1.0MPa

- Nominal Diameter: DN50 ~ 1000mm

- Body material: carbon steel / stainless steel (304/316 / 316L)

- Connection: Flange, Wafer

- Driving modes: manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic

- Operating temperature range: Rubber ≤80 ℃, PTFE sealing ≤180 ℃, hard seal ≤425 ℃

- Medium: syrup, pulp, sewage, coal slurry, ash, slag-water mixture

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