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Dark bar knife-shaped gate

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Dark bar knife-shaped gate

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Dark bar knife-shaped gate

Dark bar knife-shaped gate structure

A: dark plate sprocket type knife gate valve, knife gate valve sprocket style dark plate with cover plate sprocket style dark slurry valve, sprocket-style dark slurry valve plate material main parts

Body, valve stem cap sealing surface

Two: stainless steel, carbon steel, gray iron, carbon steel, stainless steel rubber, PTFE, stainless steel, carbide

Sprocket-style dark board chemical delivery valve, sprocket-style dark board pulverized valve, plate tectonic map sprocket style dark mud gate valve and the main shape and connection dimensions (mm)

1. Before installing the valve should be checked cavity and sealing surfaces and other parts, does not allow dirt or sand attached;

2. The joints bolts evenly tighten requirements;

3. Check the packing requirements of pressed parts, both to ensure the packing seal, but also to ensure the gate open and flexible;

4. User Before installing the valve, the valve must be proofread model, connection size and attention to the medium flow, to ensure consistency with the requirements of the valve;

5. user when installing the valve, the valve must be set aside space necessary drive;

6. The drive circuit wiring diagram shall;

7. knife gate valve must be regularly maintained, not free collision and extrusion, to avoid affecting the seal.

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