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Note-administered without thrust balance compensator

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Note-administered without thrust balance compensator

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  • Data:2015/03/19
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Compensator Details:

       Note-administered without thrust balance compensator said tubular expansion joints, piping hot fluid compensation device is mainly used for paved straight pipe. For hot water, steam, oil medium, by sliding movement of the sliding sleeve external sleeve, to compensate for thermal expansion.

       Note-administered without thrust balance compensator pressure applied to medium projects ≤2.5MPa, medium temperature -40 ℃ ~ 600 ℃.

Note filling sleeve compensator using the new flexible graphite seal ring material, which has high strength, low coefficient of friction (0.04 to 0.10), aging, effective, and convenient maintenance.

Note filling sleeve compensator great life, fatigue life and the pipeline quite. Sliding surface specially treated, in salt water, salt solutions, such as environmental good corrosion resistance than austenitic stainless steel high-more than 50 times. Meanwhile, after many years by abrasion when the weakened sealing effect can again fastening flange, to enhance the sealing performance, the bolt may loosen, remove the pressure ring, and then put into one or two sealing rings, compression pressure ring continue to use.

Sleeve-type compensator for chloride ion content is not required, especially for medium or chloride ions exceeding the ambient system.

Note filling sleeve compensator type sub-way and two-way type of compensation structure, characterized by bi-directional compensation regardless of what the media from the inflow side, which compensates for both ends of the sliding sleeve is always free to slide, reaching a two-way compensation increase compensation amount.

Buried sleeve-type compensator can be buried in the ground, do not set the service well installation, low construction cost.

Second, the installation requirements

    1, when the compensation installation, first check its specifications are consistent with orders.

    2-way sliding sleeve compensator should be installed in the inflow side of the media.

    3, with both ends of the phase compensator welded pipe beveling must be treated according to acceptance after welding hydrostatic test pressure of 1.5 times the working pressure. A sealing device occurs when the pressure leak test should be evenly tighten bolts, tighten until no leakage so far.

    4, the compensator installed along the pipe centerline, different axis greater than 1%, to prevent excessive friction and runtime impact seal.

    5, in the pipeline at the close of compensation should be provided with a guide sliding bearings to prevent lateral displacement.

    6, to protect sliding surfaces, non bumps or corrosion.

    7, two-way compensation fixed bearing applications hold the outer sleeve, and keep away from the pipe concentric with the compensation, to be approximately the same on both sides.

    8, under a variety of temperature compensation, can be installed according to the maximum length Lmax, without pretension or preload (factory for the maximum length of the product).

Third, use and maintenance

    1, pipeline operation, the compensation is prohibited by the external lateral sliding sleeve thrust should always ensure that the pipeline axial concentric and avoid interruption of normal slip sliding sleeve.

    2, when the maintenance inspection seal, timely tightening bolts, ensure sealing without leakage.

    3, the sliding sleeve compensator severe surface corrosion, leaks and tighten bolts defense is not obvious, you should consider replacing the compensator.

Fourth, note-administered sleeve compensator

    The company based on market needs, but also design and manufacture of injection-administered sleeve compensator, the model specification with front sleeve compensator, whose main features are:

    1, the product of high reliability, long life and minimal maintenance.

    2, under normal operating conditions the pipeline repair, maintenance and simple process. (Note to be equipped with special tools and packing filling.)

    3. Note - administered when ordering.

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