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Integrated Connector Pipeline品牌

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Integrated Connector Pipeline品牌

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Integrated Connector Pipeline

The main characteristics and uses

Mine water pumping station area is small, compact installation location, all for hard-wired connection, you can not adjust the gap is not easy to maintain and update the related equipment. KSF4 ultrashort-based integrated connector is designed for mine clearance pipeline pump regulator design requires no installation direction, easy to adjust, safe and reliable.

KSF4 ultrashort-based integrated connector can be adjusted adjusting bolt flange within the range of 0 ~ 30mm, not only to compensate for absorption pipe axial thermal deformation, vibration absorbing devices on the pipeline, and by adjusting the connector bolts, can effectively prevent tube medium pressure pipe fittings additional axial thrust.

Integrated connector has two models for KSF4-I and KSF4-II, which I type representative with pressure gauge, pressure gauge and type II representatives with vacuum pumping.

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