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Pneumatic valve cage

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Pneumatic valve cage

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  • Data:2015/03/12
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Product Description

Product Type: HCBE



One, HCBE pneumatic valve cage Overview: is the introduction of technology-based, are CV3000- is pressure balanced valve, parts using a sleeve-oriented pilot spool valve, it is mainly realized by the pressure of the fluid valve fast action, operating force.

In addition, single-seat seal type seal, high precision flow characteristic curve, in line with IEC534-1 standards. Valve dynamic stability, low noise, cavitation, suitable for a variety of temperature control of the fluid pressure differential.

Equipped with multi-spring diaphragm actuator or electric actuator, compact structure, large output force. This product complies with GB / T4213-2008. The main advantage of the fluid pressure to achieve rapid action valve, operating force. HCBE cage valve seat seal single seal, high accuracy flow characteristic curve.

Two, HCBE pneumatic control valve single-seat cage structure form

Form: straight casting ball valves

Nominal diameter: 100 ~ 300mm

PN: ANSI125,150,300,600


       Pneumatic valve cage PN1.6,4.0,6.4Mpa

Flange: FF RF RJ and LG

Flange standard: JIS B2201 pick or ANSIB16.5, JB / T79.1 PN1.6Mpa, JB / T79.2 uneven surfaces

Welded connections: Butt weld BW

Materials ZG25 ZG1Cr18Ni9 and ZG0Cr17Ni12Mo or SCPH21 SCPH61 Ti

Three, HCBE cage pneumatic control valve performance parameters

Std (P): - 17 ~ + 230 ° C

Type I elongation (E1): - 45 ~ -17 ° C, + 230 to + 566 degrees Celsius

Elongation Ⅱ type (E2): monolithic (E2I) -100 ~ -45 degrees Celsius

Welding (E2W) -196 ~ -100 degrees Celsius

Gland form: Bolt Clamp

Packing: V-type PTFE packing impregnated with PTFE asbestos packing, asbestos braided packing.

Spool forms: pilot spool

Flow characteristics: High Flow characteristics: equal percentage (%) and linear (L)

               High capacity flow characteristics: equal percentage (%) and linearity (L)

Material: 17-4PH, 0Cr17Ni12Mo and surfacing Stellite alloy

Type type: HA more spring river membrane actuators

Diaphragm material: EPDM clip nylon

Spring Range: 0.02 ~ 0.10MPa, 0.08 ~ 0.24MPa

Supply pressure: 0.14,0.16,0.28,0.35MPa

Gas supply connector: Rc1 / 4

Ambient temperature: -30 to + 70 ° C

Four, HCBE cage pneumatic valve actuators standard

Accessories: Locator, hand wheel, pneumatic valve position transmitter and so on.

Leakage standard ANSIB16.104IV level of less than 0.01% of rated Cv

Backlash: 3% (without locator); 1% (with positioner)

Linearity: plus or minus 5% (without locator); plus or minus 1% (with positioner)

Adjustable Range: 50: 1

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