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Structure and characteristics of the electric explosion butterfly

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Structure and characteristics of the electric explosion butterfly

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An electric explosion butterfly Overview

Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve using precision U-shaped elastic ring and three eccentric multi-level metal seal structure is widely used on medium temperature ≤425 ℃ of metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, as well as drainage and municipal construction and other industrial pipe, for regulating the flow and load off fluid use. Using imported electric explosion proof electric butterfly valve actuators with three eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve, with good corrosion resistance, long life, this valve has two-way sealing function, the products meet the national GB / T13927-92 valve pressure test standards.

Second, the characteristics of the electric explosion butterfly

1, the valve adopts three eccentric seal structure, seat and disc almost no wear, with the view of the tight sealing function.

2, ring made of stainless steel production, with a metal seal and elastic sealing of the dual advantages, both in the case of low and high temperatures, all with excellent sealing performance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

3, the disc plate sealing surface using cobalt-based alloy welding, sealing surface wear resistance and long service life.

4, large-sized disc using lattice structure, high strength, flow area, flow resistance.

5, the valve has a two-way sealing function, the installation of unrestricted flow of media, is not affected by spatial location can be installed in any direction.

6, the drive can be multi-position (rotated 90 ° or 180 °) to install, easy to use.

Third, explosion-proof electric butterfly valve actuators Features

1, shell - rigid aluminum housing, anodized and polyester powder coating, corrosion resistance, protection class IP67, explosion-proof rating BT4, and has IP68 and CT4 for selection

2, the motor - totally enclosed squirrel cage motors, small, large torque, low inertia, insulation class F, built-in thermal protection switch to prevent overheating and damage the motor.

3, manual structure - designed to ensure reliable case handwheel, effort, small size, when not energized, pulling the clutch lever can be operated manually. When energized, the clutch is automatically reset. (Note: In the condition of the motor is not energized, the electric actuator will remain permanent manual mode)

4, indicator - indicator is mounted on a central shaft, the valve position can be observed. Using convex lens design, no water, easy to observe.

5, the dryer - used to control the temperature, to prevent the temperature and weather changes cause moisture condensation inside the actuator, keep dry internal electrical components.

6, limit switch - mechanical, electronic double limit. Adjustable mechanical limit screws, case reliable; electronic limit switch is controlled by a cam mechanism, a simple adjustment mechanism to accurately and easily set position, no battery support (micro switch contacts even as silver contacts)

7, torque switch - Provides overload protection valve jam, when a foreign body, automatically disconnect the electrical power supply, more effective protection of valves and electric actuators from damage. (The factory setting is good, please do not arbitrarily change settings)

8, self-locking - precision and double worm gear can efficiently transfer large torque, high efficiency, low noise (maximum 50 db), long life with self-locking function to prevent the inversion, transmission is stable and reliable, the factory has been filled efficient lubrication fat, use no longer refuel.

9, anti-off bolt - When removing the shell, bolts attached to the case, will not fall off. External bolts were collected for stainless steel.

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