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With water gate valve plate ruptured ear reasons

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With water gate valve plate ruptured ear reasons

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With water gate valve plate ruptured ear Analysis:

    1, with the water gate valve plate ruptured ear occurs due to a bad valve plate material, casting defects, improper operation, etc., we have encountered a fault in the first two cases are rare, but not when the operation caused more;

2, the valve opening and closing times are generally less filler makes opening and closing the valve stem locking torque is large, the operator used to use leverage to increase the torque to open and close the valve, not the habit of watching the opening of the disk label to determine the opening and closing position, Close the valve is always closed lax;

3, with the water gate valve plate has continued in spite of the lower dead point force, twisting the stem until it stops, because too much force so that the valve plate is wedge died in the valve body, when turned on again, the valve plate is constrained body but not upward, and then pull off the valve plate ear.

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