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Maintenance of water distribution valve custody

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Maintenance of water distribution valve custody

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Water distribution valve keeping maintenance purposes, is to keep the water distribution valve damage in custody, or lower quality. In fact, improper storage of water distribution is one of the important reasons for the damaged valve. In order to achieve better water distribution valve custody maintenance, pay attention to the following aspects:

1, with the water valve custody, should be well-organized, with little water valve on the shelves, a large water distribution valve can be neatly arranged on the warehouse floor, not huddle chaotic pile, do not let the flange surface contact with the ground. This is not only for aesthetics, mainly to protect the distribution of water will not damage the valve.

2, due to improper storage and handling, hand wheel broken, crooked stem touch the hand wheel and stem the loss of fixed nut loose, etc., these unnecessary losses, should be avoided.

3, for the short term is not in use water distribution valve, remove the asbestos packing, in order to avoid galvanic corrosion, damage the valve stem.

4, with the water valve first entered the library, to be checked, such as rain or dirt into during transport, to wipe clean, and the re-storage.

5, with water inlet valve to use wax paper or plastic sheet sealed to prevent dirt into it.

6, to be able to rust in the atmosphere with water valve machined surface to be coated anti-rust oil, to protect them.

7. Place the outdoor water distribution valve, must be covered with linoleum or Tarpaulins like rain, dust items. Warehouse storage of water distribution valve should be kept clean and dry.

These are the considerations with water valve to maintain custody, hoping to help the majority of users.

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