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The movement of water distribution valve

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The movement of water distribution valve

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With water gate valve with the valve stem linear movement, called clear shot valve. Two sealing surfaces the most common mode of forming a wedge gate valve plate, wedge angle parameters vary with the valve, the valve is usually 50, valve medium temperature is not high for 2 ° 52 '. In order to better enable us to acquire knowledge with a water valve, the following water distribution valve manufacturers Xiaobian to introduce water distribution valve of exercise:

1. Often movements are trapezoidal threaded rod through the top of the valve guides and valve nut on the rotary motion into linear motion, which is the operating torque thrust into action;

2. Open the valve, when the gate valve lift height equal to the diameter of the 1: 1 times, the fluid channel is completely smooth, but at run time, this position is not monitored;

3, the actual use, is the apex of the stem as a sign that the fixed position, as its fully open position.

Gate valve can be made into a whole, called the rigid gate; Gate also be made to produce small quantities of deformation gate valve in order to improve its process, the valve sealing surface compensate for the deviation angle generated in the process, the valve plate called the flexible gate. These are described with the movement of the water gate, I hope we can derive harvest.

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