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Benefits Features clamp flexible pipe joints

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Benefits Features clamp flexible pipe joints

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Clamp flexible pipe joints now used in various industry is particularly extensive, here we come to tell you about the characteristics of the advantages of flexible pipe clamp fitting.

    Reasonable clamp flexible pipe joint structure by strong high clamp pressure vessels working condition equivalent axial force borne entirely by the media clamps, bolt clamp only radial forces. Due to the limited width of the seal ring, the radial force is much smaller than the axial force. When the flange bolt clamping force but bears all axial force and washers. My company produced clamp flexible pipe joints have good self-appointed role dense, sealing medium on the apron by the pipe pressing force, the greater the pressure, the better sealing performance. To prevent leakage when no pressure medium is smaller than the inner diameter of the outer diameter of the tube apron end interface Aprons interfaces on the end of the tube preload to prevent media leaks when there is no pressure. Compared with flanges, pipe diameter, the higher the pressure, the more prominent advantages. When installing clamp flexible soft joints, flexible pipe connections in the state, there is a gap between the clip and the tube end, the tube may have a small amount of activity in the clip. Thus, two adjacent ends of the tube to allow a certain angle. After the pipe connection, leaving a gap between the two ends of steel pipe, allowing the pipeline axial movement can be adapted to the pipeline expansion, contraction; apron connection between the tubes, which can effectively reduce the mechanical vibrations more than 70%.

    Clamp flexible pipe joints due to easy installation and removal, easy to pipeline maintenance and prolong the life of the pipeline system, is widely used in the country's electricity, mining, chemical, water and other pipeline projects, as well as municipal, food processing, shopping or cultural entertainment and other construction projects, pipeline construction and moving fast. Especially for high pressure and high temperature pipe welding requirements, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of welding, using clamp flexible pipe fittings to connect pipes, pipe clamp region for settlement with respect to the flange and welded joints have good sex Rouran is widely used, large flexible connection to the sewer, especially with a pipe clamp fittings shock nature can better absorb the shock, to achieve a flexible connection, but does not leak.

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