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Which is good quality fast clamp connector clamp fitting mine

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Which is good quality fast clamp connector clamp fitting mine

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Groove Tube connection technology, also known as clamp connection technology, has become the most important technology of the current liquid, gas pipe connections, although the development of this technology in China later than abroad, but because of its advanced technology, soon to be home received by the market. Beginning in 1998, research and development to the present, through the development and application of a few short years, has gradually replaced the two traditional pipe connection flanges and welding. Not only technically more mature markets generally recognized, and has been actively guide the national regulations and policies.

Applications connecting pipe trench technology, the process becomes complex piping connections simple, fast, and convenient. Pipeline connection technology makes a big step forward.

Grooved connections advantages:

1. Safety:

Coal mine production safety is a long-term goal of the job. Throughout the construction process of the connection without heating, welding, but no fire, especially for coal mine gas in particular.

2, reliable:

Material selection, production, testing are in strict accordance GB5135.11-2006. Fittings made of QT450-12, and electric furnace smelting-casting; supporting bolt made of high quality alloy steel 40Cr, after heat treatment and mechanical properties are up to 8.8, and durable; EPDM rubber gasket supporting a molding, sealing, completely eliminate the mines usually talk about "three leakage", ie air and water leakage, leakage.

3, to facilitate:

Construction process requires a small space, you can just tighten two bolts, a wrench and a worker to complete the entire installation process, you can choose uphole or downhole operation.

4, fast:

Than the current fast connections, flanges and other speed of at least 20-30 times faster, without welding, bolts, no direction within a narrow tunnel to facilitate operations, greatly reducing the workload of the mine construction workers.

5, pressure:

Ordinary pipe card can withstand 7.5-8.0Mpa (75-80 kilograms) of pressure, high pressure pipe card up to 16Mpa (160 kg).

6. Economy:

Construction without professional and technical personnel, without other supporting materials, the average worker just a wrench to operate the installation. This method than the traditional construction methods to reduce overall costs by more than 30%.

7, unique:

Flexible pipe card can be resolved within the mine road pipeline angled deflection and wrong move, adapt underground pipeline lifting and pore within the terrain changes, you can also solve the thermal expansion and contraction and possession of crack-induced vibrations.

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