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Double flange limited telescopic joint installation requirements

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Double flange limited telescopic joint installation requirements

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Double flange limited telescopic joint products, is a super-pipe lines refer to the latest loose telescopic joint standards for manufacturing a new product that can meet the demand for the use of various pipe connections, and can effectively compensate for the pipeline, in addition to their outside the structure of this function, the product itself is also particularly important installation, installation and use of products not only reasonably can effectively enhance the life of the product, but also to ensure that products work properly, a super-specialized pipeline today to tell you about dual method Lan limit expansion joint installation requirements.

    Double flange limited telescopic joint product, the installation of first intermediate gland nut loosened, so that almost no seals in working condition, and then adjust the limit short tube, adjust the size by stretching the amount of 1/2 of the best then adjust the joints, so that the pipeline through the heart. Gland nut pressure to be symmetrical, gradually tightening. Work, find local Mifengbuyan, compression gland nut can locally, so as not to leak until both ends Mifengbuyan, should gradually tighten the flange nuts at both ends to not leak so far. In the application of the above, it should follow the steps above to install dual-flange sealer products, for some special conditions, should be targeted consult the factory, or require manufacturers to provide technical guidance to install and use.

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