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Flexible clamp fittings sealing principle

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Flexible clamp fittings sealing principle

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Alternative clamp flexible pipe fittings and welding as a flanged connections, get more and more applications in a variety of large-scale projects in the pipeline, but because user to clamp the flexible pipe joint seal products understand the principles, resulting in the application process, product installation sealing parts caused by improper leaks to the project resulted in the use and maintenance problems. In this pipeline as a super-specialized manufacturers, this is specifically targeted for customers to introduce flexible tube sealing principle clamp fitting.

    My company produced clamp flexible pipe fittings products, using rolled steel welding process is completed. Using a static seal sealing works, so they need special attention in the application. My company produced clamp flexible pipe joint is a pipe connection, reliable, easy to install products. At low pressures, by elastic deformation of the sealing ring, to seal object; when the pressure is increased, by the medium acting on the sealing ring, play the role of self-sealing, and a gap between the pipe ends to compensate for pipe expansion due to heat cold contraction and resulting displacement and deflection. Clamp flexible pipe joints, also known as clamps, steel flexible joints, steel flexible joints, off-type expansion joints, pipe fittings. KRHD steel flexible pipe joints must release before installing the pressure plate bolts to pull the product installation length, then tighten the diagonal method, do not press bias, such as overhead use, the ends must install the appropriate mounting bracket.

    Mine clip joint quality assurance of our company to meet the different requirements of consumers, welcome to inquire!

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