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Flanged pipe expansion joints limit selection analysis

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Flanged pipe expansion joints limit selection analysis

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Flanged pipe limit expansion joints, mainly refers to the use of carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron and other materials to manufacture products pipeline expansion joints, you can use the structure of the product itself effectively compensate for the pipeline to meet various piping systems stable demand for the use of safe operation. A super-pipeline after 20 years of development and production, has been gradually formed more than 30 series of hundreds of products to meet a variety of building drainage, municipal engineering needs, launch date has been formed as a result of longer contains double flanged pipe limit expansion joints, single flange limit expansion joints and other products pipelines, water distribution valve manufacturers today we take a closer look at the analysis of how the product selection in the application process.

    Firstly, according to engineering applications in the pipeline pressure size, select flange limit expansion joints and flange type expansion joints products, mainly for mains pressure larger project, select flange limit expansion joints products, which in addition to the pipeline effective compensation, it also can exceed the maximum compensation range, were limiting compensation to achieve the best purpose. Less stressful occasions, flange-type expansion joints can be used to achieve a good compensation for the pipeline, meet the needs of the project.

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