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Mine explosion-proof electric valve electric device characteristics

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Mine explosion-proof electric valve electric device characteristics

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Gas explosion butterfly have mine permit and coal safety certificate, explosion-protection rating of IP68. Suitable for explosive environments, high safety factor, operating functions, stable performance. Explosion-proof products dI and dIIBT4 two kinds, dI for coal mining face non; dIIBT4 used in factories, for environmental IIA, IIB grade explosive gas mixtures T1 ~ T4 group was. Performance of this product comply with JB / T8528-1997 of. Explosion-proof performance in line with the provisions of GB3836.1-2000 and JB / T8529-1997 of. And explosion-proof electrical products by the National Testing Center test, made explosion-proof certification. Integral Denso common type is derived on the basis of the Z-made, increased the number of electrical and electronic components, electrical parts of the overall general multifunction module consists of a remote control module MK1 MK2 button box lights, opening of the table, contactors and other components.

    Multifunctional module MK1 again by the phase discriminator XS, contact interlock protection HB and DC power DC three parts. MK2 remote module consists of four solid state relays and three DIP switches. Electrical part of the overall regulation by the regulator module TMK, mine-proof electric valve, electric security gate with coal mine explosion-proof electric valve is mainly used for coal, mine, mine general this proof electric valve, electric security gate with coal mine explosion-proof electric valve power supply voltage 380V and 660V, this electric valve must have a permit to enter the coal mine safety contactors and other components. Control lines for 220V, 50Hz (special order 60Hz); remote control for 24VDC. Adjustment module can receive and output 4 ~ 20ma standard signal. Electrical components mounted on a board can be flipped in order to torque control, motion controller, the opening degree of institutional adjustment. There are three buttons on the button box, in the middle of the field / remote control switching button, which left the scene off valve button to the right of the field to open the valve button, button box cover for the remote control to open the lid of the field operations.

2. Valve Features:

① valve using pressure from the tight seal or valve, valve cover gasket seal structure, trustworthy! Safety and reliability.

② valve using intermediate double plate with universal roof structure, can automatically adjust the valves and valve seat sealing surface of the goodness of fit, to ensure that the valve seal. At the same time this structure and easy maintenance, cost savings, better valve interchangeability.

③ valve seat sealing surface spray tungsten carbide with cobalt-chromium formed by plasma, high sealing surface hardness, wear resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life.

④ stem with nitriding steel, surface nitriding treatment, high hardness, resistance to abrasion, corrosion resistance and long service life.

⑤ electric unit is equipped with torque control mechanism, field operating agencies and hands, electric switching mechanism. In addition to local operation, but can also be used for remote operation, PLC control, 4 ~ 20mA current input and output of intelligent control.

⑥ manual valves open institution or hit by a manual hand wheel. Reducing the valve operating force.

⑦ valve can be installed anywhere in the pipeline, while the choice of carbon or alloy steel valves according to temperature of the medium and the medium.

When ⑧ initial installation and commissioning, you must manually open the valve to about half of the position, so as not to cause the motor phase sequence is reversed or Denso valve damage.

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