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Water valve with the advantages introduced nine

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Water valve with the advantages introduced nine

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Nine water valve with the advantages of:

    Water distribution valve in the pump business is more common, here are several of the common advantages:

    1, small flow resistance

Body internal media channel is straight, medium into a linear flow, small flow resistance.

2, more effort when opening and closing

In contrast with the shut-off valve, since either open or closed, the shutter movement direction are perpendicular to the flow direction of the medium.

3, height, long opening and closing time

Gate opening and closing stroke of a larger drop is carried out by a screw.

4, easy to produce water hammer phenomenon

The reason is that long off time. z41tw-10-type wedge gate valve

5, easy to install

Media can flow in any direction to the sides with water valve is easy to install. Channel is symmetrical on both sides of the gate valve.

6, sealing surface wear

Affecting life. When opening and closing, the gate and the seat sliding friction between the two sealing surfaces, water distribution medium pressure valve to be prone to scratches and wear down, affecting the sealing performance and shorten life.

7, more expensive

More contact seal surface, processing is more complex, especially the sealing surfaces of the shutter seat difficult to process, and more parts.

8. A simple shape

Structure length is short, good manufacturing processes for a wide range.

9, compact

Valve rigid, channel flow, flow resistance small number, the sealing surface of stainless steel and tungsten carbide, long service life, the use of PTFE packing. Reliable sealing. Lightweight and flexible operation.

    In addition, the structure of the water distribution gate length is also smaller enterprises in operation is very convenient!

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