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How to choose the right water distribution valve

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How to choose the right water distribution valve

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How to choose the right water distribution valve

    We all know that water distribution valve is suitable for various industries, but because of its more types of consumers in the choice of the time, you will not know how to choose their own products, let's tell you how to make better choices for their own products :

    Simple water distribution valve structure, small size, saving operating costs, good performance, reliable quality, but to choose a suitable water distribution valve, should be based on the provisions of the drainage system, the liquid nature of the amount of transmission fluid, mounting head, piping and operating conditions and other aspects must be considered.

    1, small flow resistance. Body internal media channel is straight, medium into a linear flow, small flow resistance.

2, more effort when opening and closing. In contrast with the shut-off valve, since either open or closed, the shutter movement direction are perpendicular to the flow direction of the medium.

3, height, long opening and closing times. Gate opening and closing stroke of a larger drop is carried out by a screw.

4, the media can flow in any direction to both sides for easy installation. Channel is symmetrical on both sides of the gate valve.

5, simple shape, structure, length short, good manufacturing processes for a wide range.

6, compact, valve rigid, channel flow, flow resistance small number, the sealing surface of stainless steel and tungsten carbide, long service life, the use of PTFE packing. Reliable sealing. Lightweight and flexible operation.

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