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Problem knife gate valve solutions

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Problem knife gate valve solutions

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Knife gate valve, also known as knife gate valves, knife-type slurry valves, gate opening and closing parts of its direction of motion and flow direction perpendicular to the gate, can be cut by the knife-edge gate dielectric fiber material to cut, gate There are two sealing surface, the two most common mode of sealing surface to form a wedge gate valve, wedge angle with the valve parameters vary, usually 50, then it is very prone to problems in the course of the movement in the face of these problems processing methods to give you a detailed analysis:

    1, stem failure

Most failures are due to the general operation of the stem causing excessive damage to the stem threads, tolerances stem bending caused, or that allowed stem with nut, nut tilted thread is corrosion, caused by corrosion and other reasons. In addition, the choice of materials also can cause stem failure, such as stem and stem nut for the same material, it is easy to bite, causing failure.

Workaround: When using a knife gate workers should be careful operation, open, closed to strictly control the sense of proportion, not to Meng Jin switch to prevent the stem bend; do not open when you turn to the dead, moderately open wheel reverse flip around, so on the side of the adhesion thread to avoid the impact of the media to promote the stem upward; adjust the position of the nut; can not avoid being in corrosion, rust, the need for timely replacement of the valve stem with the nut; using different materials and stem nut.

2, stem rotation is not flexible or stuck

Stem rotation is not flexible or stuck in the main by packing too tight; stuffing box packings when non-compliant; the stem and the bush is not enough space; stem bending; threaded surface roughness does not meet the requirements; valve resulting in material selection lever and valve sleeve improper reasons.

Solution: Panasonic gland may be appropriate screws; add the charge according to specifications; stem and bush clearance control within the standards; the surface roughness of the thread processing control within the standards.

3, the valve cover to suppress the leakage hole

Some of the valve bonnet manufacturers have weighed suppress hole experiment may cause water leakage during use. The main reason is to suppress the holes are not tightened.

Solution: Re-tighten or remove the bolt hole to suppress the inside of the copper pads removed, and then put the screws screw polished clean, by welding die.

    If the water valve manufacturer with these problems in your work, if you have questions on what technical operations, to inquire us!

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