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When matters were degreased with water valve to note

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When matters were degreased with water valve to note

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Water distribution valve in life plays an increasingly important role in many industries will be used, according to the position of division threaded stem, rising stem gate valve can be divided into two and dark bar, then press the sealing surface configuration can be divided into wedge gate Plate valve and parallel gate-type valve, wedge gate-type valve can be divided into: single-gate type, double plate and flexible gate type, parallel gate-type valve can be divided into single-gate type and double plate, however, regardless of What kind of gate, should degreasing, which note the following:

    1, gate valves and butterfly valves all all parts degreasing treatment.

    2, after the completion of pickling and passivation degreasing, cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus.

    3, after pickling and passivation rinse with clean water and clean, can not have drug residues, steel components can be removed this step.

    4, parts one by one with a dry non-woven fabric, wool, etc. can not be wired retained the part surface, or perform a clean dry with nitrogen.

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